Proud of our nomination 'Company of the year 2019'

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Proud of our nomination 'Company of the year 2019'

ACP international

At the end of 2019, ACP International was nominated for the Enterprise of the Year 2019 election. The jury outlined the process that preceded the nominations. From nominations by co-entrepreneurs, filling in questionnaires by the companies, jury deliberations, compiling a shortlist, planning company visits and finally determining the nominees. "It was a difficult but at the same time beautiful job to make a choice," said one of the jury members.

Nominatie ACP International Ondernemer van het Jaar

Barend-Jan Kroese:

“ACP is growing. we are exploring new things and want to continue to make an important role in our sector. for us this is a huge crown on our work and without our team we cannot have realized it.”


By awarding this prize annually, OVDD wants to show its admiration and appreciation for all, very different companies in the municipality of Dronten. In addition, with the election Enterprise of the Year, it wants to emphasize the importance of good entrepreneurship for the economy and employment in the municipality of Dronten.

Below is the presentation of ACP International that was shown during the election.  

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