Gas springs

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Gas springs

For many years, gas springs have been regarded to be an essential mechanical aid for numerous applications in various industries worldwide. Gas springs are deployed wherever a load must be moved 'in a controlled manner'. Gas springs store energy as it were, and consequently work as a counterweight for the load. This creates a balance situation which allows for simple movement of the load.

Broad expertise

We produce industrial gas springs for various applications: production machines, truck tailgates, forklift trucks, sun screens, etc. Each production requirement demands our specific attention. That is why our technical support offers you such important added value. 

Our quality brand:

Perfect calculation

We have a unique engineering program to calculate the perfect/and extension force of the gas spring, based on the size and weight of your construction, for example. We then provide you with a drawing or 3D simulation, we order samples from the factory, assess their suitability with you, adapt the specifications where required and ensure problem-free production. 


The secret behind the customer-oriented stock system and sampling options lies in our tried and trusted infrastructure. We produce our own quality brand This label guarantees the perfect balance between experience, price and quality, providing the right solution for every issue. All gas springs are produced according to ISO9001 and TS16949 and are tested 100% before delivery.

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