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Our story

Supplier of components for furniture and industry

For more than 40 years, ACP International has been supplying components for the manufacture of office chairs, furniture and mechanical industrial applications. Our team of young professionals keeps a close eye on developments and technological innovations in the field of furniture and industry. We see this as our responsibility and enjoy playing a leadership role. 

We know: design & build is the motor that drives development and innovation. It takes blood, sweat and tears, but also time and capital. These processes are however essential if we are to stay ahead of the market. Our primary target therefore, is to support our clients with know-how and our network. We want to make that difference for you. Together, we can focus on maximum returns.

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Our services

Everything in the field of furniture components & industrial gas springs

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Advice, samples and delivery
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Assembly and knock-down packaging
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Stock management / consignment stock
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Engineering and production
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Long-term relationship

The strength of our services relies on long-term relations. We are after all convinced that cooperation gives the best results. That is an important motivator in our quest for reliable suppliers of sustainable components that can easily withstand the ravages of time.

Our open business attitude applies not only to our suppliers. When it comes to our clients, we aim to establish a strong partnership. We like to think along with you, provide samples and quick quotations, with all the necessary attention for a keen price.

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We design and build

We ourselves don't stand still when it comes to development and innovation. It keeps us alert. We monitor trends, discover new ideas or react to new insights and queries from daily practice. Ideas just waiting to be developed into an innovative, original solution. We design it and build it.

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A family firm with a personal culture

ACP International was founded by Barend Kroese early in the 1980s. His son Barend Jan Kroese and wife Suzanne took over the company in 2006. ACP International is therefore a true family firm with a personal culture: compact and transparent with a dedicated team of employees.

Our core values:

  • focus on customers
  • simply scoring is irrelevant; we are transparent
  • we enhance performance through cooperation
  • we take and promote responsibility